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Marmalade tastes spicy, syrup is smoked and burgers are all of a sudden healthy. The year 2016 promises to be a year of culinary opposites. We've researched the five hottest food trends for the coming season and invite you to discover, be surprised and enjoy them.
Spicy Hot
Spicy, salty, piquant. Spicy is the new sweet! The trend is away from simply sweet to sweet and spicy. Taste opposites are creatively combined: chili truffles, sambal prawns on pancakes and spicy cranberry jam. Korean, Japanese and Asian influences are the decisive factor behind the fiery new creations.
Bhut jolokia or ghost pepper from India, Gochujang chili paste from Korea and Harissa, Sumach and Dukkah from North Africa tease the taste buds. If they are too strong, it could mean you're too weak.

>> Spicy Hot
Spiralizing - putting the right twist on vegetables
Creative combinations are also the key to noodle dishes. This year nothing is possible without your spiralizer. Make oodles of noodles out of red beets, kohlrabi, parsnips and other vegetables.
Top vegetable noodles with fine sauces for great taste treats that are finished in a snap. These colorful noodles are not only light and full of roughage, they also detoxify and give your metabolism a boost.  Best of all -- they don't stick to your ribs. So no more fear of pasta. Basta!

>> Spiralizing
Fire and Flame - now it's getting hot!
In addition to a spiralizer, this season's indispensable utensils are the barbecue and Bunsen burner.
Smoke and fire are the new spice. Grilled cheese, roasted vegetables and flambéed desserts or fruit and cocktails with smoked salt are now hotly contesting fish and meat dishes. For the very brave there is even smoked ice cream and smoky syrup. So how about flambéed cinnamon ice cream, caramelized melon ravioli or pizza with braised kohlrabi. Smokey is hot!

>> Fire and Flame
Fermented Vegetables
Vegetables are not just roasted, they are more and more often fermented. While the Germans reach for their sauerkraut, Koreans prefer kim chee, Indonesians swear by tempeh and Japanese love their miso. The perfect thirst quencher is kombucha, made of fermented sweet tea and kombucha mushrooms. These foods are all preserved, low in calories and full of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Living bacteria cultures strengthen the body's immune system and they are delicious and easily digestible -- what more could you want?

>> Fermented Vegetables
Healthy Fast Food
When talking about healthy food it is hard to avoid the subject of fast food. Preparation should be quick but the quality must remain high. The ideal is high quality food to enjoy away from home, made of natural unprocessed ingredients, free of artificial color, flavor, additives, preservatives and antibiotics. Whether you choose organic burgers with spinach, fried okra, and crepes made of rice flower and coconut milk, tofu dippers or colored vegetable chips - it shouldn't be hard to find light, healthy fast food. So, here's to a creative, healthy 2016.

>> Healthy Fast Food
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